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FAQs Answered

What if the leads I receive are junk?

All the leads we generate are from genuine sources. Contact details that are shared with you have requested more information about YOUR project! Therefore, upto 80% of leads are high-quality and have high scope of conversion.

What all platforms do you use to generate leads?

We use Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube to generate leads. Our choice of platform depends on your project and requirement.

Will my leads be shared with others?

No, the leads generated for you are exclusively for your project, and will not be shared with any other client. We promise 100% data security and we assure you that your leads are shared only with you!

If I wish to discontinue after making the payment, will I get a refund?

No. Unfortunately, we do not have a refund policy. However, if you are unsure, you can start with a smaller plan to test the quality of leads.

Can I run campaigns for multiple projects at the same time?

Yes, you can run campaigns for multiple projects at the same time. Each campaign would be run separately and leads for every project will be exclusive.

What if I already have the lead that you share with me?

This means that the lead is still interested in your project and is still looking for more information. Such leads are high potential leads as they have been requesting more information about your property from multiple sources.

What if the lead says that he/she is not interested in my project or did not request information about it?

The chances of receiving a lead that is not interested are slim. However, it cannot be eliminated completely. But you can be sure that 80-90% of the leads will be genuine.

What is the difference between Builders Lead and Builders Lead Plus?

While Builders Lead offers you the name, number and email address, Builders Lead Plus additionally tells you the date on which the lead would like to visit the site or have a meeting.

Who can I contact for assistance?

We are constantly working towards making your Builders Lead experience as seamless and easy as possible. However, if you need any assistance or have any questions, our team will be happy to help. You can reach us on +91 70753 03555 or email us on [email protected].

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