Frequently asked

Builders Lead ensures that the leads generated for you are from genuine sources. As high as 95% of them have a good scope of client-conversion. Still, if you wish to gain clarity on the possible scenarios and questions that come up in your mind, have a look at the following:

All the leads we generate are from genuine sources. Contact details that are shared with you have requested more information about YOUR project! Therefore, at least 95% of the leads shared with you will be of extremely high quality.

We use various platforms like blogs, websites, social media etc to generate leads for you. The platforms we use for your campaign depends on your project.

No, the leads generated for you are exclusively for your project, and will not be shared with any other client. We promise 100% data security and we assure you that your leads are shared only with you!

No, unfortunately, we do not have a refund policy. However, if you are unsure, you can start with a smaller plan to test our lead quality.

Yes, you can run campaigns for multiple projects at the same time. Each campaign would be run separately and leads for every project will be exclusive.

This means that the lead is still interested in your project and is still looking for more information. Such leads are highly potential leads as they have been requesting more information about your property from multiple sources.

You can be assured that over 97% of the leads that we share with you would be interested in your project and be highly potential. The chances of receiving a lead that is not interested in your property is slim to none, however, it cannot be completely eliminated.

While Builders Lead offers you the Name, Number and Email ID of the lead, with Builders Lead Plus, you get the Name, Number, Email ID as well as the date on which the lead would like to visit site/ budget.

The Builders Lead app is now available on Google Play, to download the app, visit

We are constantly working towards making your Builders Lead experience as seamless and easy as possible. However, if you need any assistance or have any questions, our team will be happy to help. You can reach us on +91 9000020151 or email us on [email protected].

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